Singapore American Football League…
A Rich History of Football in South East Asia…

In 1974, a group of volunteers came together under the auspices of the recently formed Singapore American Community Action Committee (SACAC) to create a new sports program that would resonate with young people far from home. From that group, SAFL was born, an organization dedicated to teaching and nurturing the skills, strengths, and habits necessary to play the game of American football.

Since it’s founding, thousands of young men have benefited from the SAFL program, which focuses on building character as well as the physical skill.  Hundreds of volunteers make up the backbone of the SAFL family.

Although the game may be considered American, the SAFL family is definitely international.  Players from Singapore, Australia, England, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, China, France, Germany, Malaysia, Italy, Spain — and many others — have donned a SAFL jersey.

Tradition is more than just a word in SAFL.  Those team jerseys are passed down from brother to brother.  Players return to Singapore as parents to coach their own children. Marriages have been born “under the stands” at SAFL games.  During its nearly 40 years, SAFL has created lasting bonds between players, coaches, and families that reach out over time and national boundaries.

Our Core Values

Teach competitive football in a safe environment

Promote teamwork, loyalty, and sacrifice

Establish rules of fair play and mutual respect

Inspire dedication to a shared goal

Foster integrity and determination

Develop football passion

Inspire community spirit through volunteerism


  • “The experience of playing in the SAFL offers boys the opportunity to grow into confident young men
    who value hard work, team spirit, and football.”