Rod Jahner SAFL Volunteer Award

Rod Jahner
Presented for the outstanding SAFL volunteer.  2018 Recipient – Jeff Majestic
The Rod Jahner Award, established in 2007 is given annually to the outstanding community volunteer.  Rod Jahner was a SACAC board member, a supporter of SAFL for many years, and had two sons in the League.  He still holds the SAFL Commissioner record at 7 years. He also officiated, did announcements, and whatever was needed.  Rod saw the League from heady days of four teams per conference to the challenge of two teams, and back to three. In many ways he was the glue which held SAFL together, and this award represents what a real volunteer does – whatever is needed.  

This years’ recipient further exemplifies the spirit and commitment of our volunteers to the Singapore American Football League.  His contributions have gone above and beyond in almost every situation, contributing not only their time, but also personal resources and commitments of family to support the cause.  All this was done without asking, instead they stepped forward and took the lead where necessary to help make things run smoothly.
The continued contribution to help us run this league are what makes our volunteers invaluable and many like this year’s award recipient is a very clear reflection of the spirit of the SAFL.

Due to his leadership and commitment of their time, we’ve all improved in our involvement in the SAFL, and we should all strive to carry on the tireless tradition of all our volunteers.