2021 Season 1 – World Conference Schedule

Field Location:

Centaurs Sports Park – 200 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287994Centaurs Park  https://www.centaurspark.com/directions-location/

All session times are 5:00PM – 7:00PM

Sunday 21st February – Session #1

Wednesday 24th Feb – Session #2

Sunday 28th February – Session #3 

Wednesday 3rd March – Session #4

Sunday 7th March – Session #5

Wednesday 10th March – Session #6

Sunday 14th March – Session #7

Wednesday 17th March – Session #8

Sunday 21st March – Session #9

Wednesday 24th March – Session #10

Sunday 28th March– Session #11

Wednesday 31st March – Session #12


Wednesday 7th April – Session #13

Sunday 11th April – Session #14

Wednesday 14th April – Session #15

Sunday 18th April – Session #15

Wednesday 21st April – Session #16

Sunday 25th April – Session #17

Wednesday 28th April – Session #18

Sunday 2nd May – Session #19

Wednesday 5th May – Session #20

SAFL reserves the right to change the dates and/or times based on weather, field condition, and # of players during the season

2021 Season 1 Island Conferences FAQs

Who can participate? — The program is open to all boys & girls island wide from 8-18yrs olds (grades 3rd -12th).

Where is the field location for the practices & games? — Centaurs Sports Park – 200 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287994. https://www.centaurspark.com/directions-location/

What are the dates & time of the 2021 Season 1 sessions?

10 sessions on Sunday afternoons starting the 21st February through 2nd of May

Island Conference Flag costs is $190 for 2021 Season 1. This is 20 hours of instruction, and a great value.

World Conference (Tackle/Contact) Conference Flag costs is $500 for 2021 Season 1. This is 40 hours of instruction including equipment usage, and a great value.

U10 Flag Island Conference (grades 3-5th) : 2:00pm – 5:00pm

U13 Flag Island Conference (grades 6-8th): 2:00pm – 5:00pm

U18 Island Conference (grades 8th-12th): 5:00pm – 7:00pm (Sundays & Wednesdays)

How will the groups/teams be determined? — The first session will be a player evaluation day where we will look to divide up the the players into teams with similar skills. We will do our best to create teams which are as evenly balanced as possible. There might be times where adjustments have to be made after the first game to keep the teams balanced.

What if my son/daughter is just below or above an age group? — The primary objective is to have each player playing with others of similar age & skill. We have cases where a younger player should be playing up an age group based on their skill & experience. We have the same on the side where maybe an older participant has never played before. In those cases, we would consider that participant playing in a younger age group. The decision would be made by the coaches, in consultation with the parents and player. If you have questions related to age groups, email SAFL Commissioner Jeff Majestic commissioner@safl.sg or via SMS @ 97362186

Is there a maximum number of player registrations for each age group? – YES, based on the current covid regulations in Singapore, registrations will be capped. Register early to secure your spot!!

What does each player need to bring to each session? — each player needs to have soccer or football cleats, water bottle, athletic shorts, t-shirt, mouth guards/gum shields are optional. Once the teams are set, each player will receive a team shirt for the games.

Insurance, what do I need as a participant/parent? –SAFL maintains commercial insurance coverage for customary risks including comprehensive liability, property loss, and fire, among others. The SAFL does not maintain medical or accident insurance for participants, parents or guests, or for theft or loss of personal property such as laptops and mobile phones. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to arrange such insurance with one of the many carriers in Singapore.


2021 Season 1 – Island Conference Flag Football Schedule

Field Location:

Centaurs Sports Park – 200 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 287994

Centaurs Park https://www.centaurspark.com/directions-location/

  • U10 Island Conference (grades 3rd-5th): 2:00pm – 5:00pm (Sundays)
  • U13 Island Conference: (grades 6th-7th) 2:00pm – 5:00pm (Sundays)
  • U18 World Conference (grades 8th-12th) 5:00pm – 7:00pm (Sundays & Wednesdays)

Sunday 21st February – Session #1

Sunday 28th February – Session #2

Sunday 7th March – Session #3

Sunday 14th March – Session #4

Sunday 21st March – Session #5

Sunday 28th March– Session #6


Sunday 11th April – Session #7

Sunday 18th April – Session #8

Sunday 25th April – Session #9

Sunday 2nd May – Session #10

SAFL reserves the right to change the dates and/or times based on weather, filed condition, and # of players during the season.