National Conference – (Contact)


  • Students from all Singapore local & international schools are welcome !!!
  • No prior football experience required.  We have many 1st year players each season
  • Grades 7-8 (equivalent to ages 12-14)
  • Grade 9 (14-15 years old) who are under160 lbs. / 72.5 kg​
  • Grade 6 by exception only (based on size, football experience…etc, joint decision by parents/coaches/league officials)
  • All students are invited to join the teams – there are no tryouts. Players will be added to the appropriate team level based on size and ability.
  • National Conference players may be eligible to play for the SAFL Eagles travel team (only grade 9 will be eligible to travel
  • Any eligibility questions, please contact Jeff Majestic at