David Nobles Award

The David Nobles Award is the most prestigious award that the Singapore American Football League (SAFL) presents. The SAFL Commissioners established the award in David’s memory in 1976.

The recipient of this award is selected by a vote of the coaches in the SAFL World (High School) League. It is given on the basis of sportsmanship, dedication to the game, citizenship and courage. The awardees comprise some of the finest members of the Singapore American Community.

Here is a list of current and past recipients of the David Nobles Award:

2018 David Nobels Award – Carter Cellini

Austin Napierski (2017)
Matt Meehan (2016)
Keaton Debord (2015)
Eliot Sperling (2014)
Josh Dawe (2013)
Alex DiBiagio (2012)
Richard Vargo (2011)
Brandon Meehan (2010)
Brandon Lay (2009)
David Nockels (2008)
Robbie Whitehead (2007)
Adam Anderson (2006)
Mike Loscalzo (2005)
Brian Linton (2004)
Sean Wiley (2003)
Kyle Jahner (2002)
Barclay Stanton (2001)
Ryan Grosdidier (2000)
Chris Hoyes (1999)
Josh Nobles (1998)
Mike McMeans (1997)
Travis Chometsky (1996)
Nick Adams (1995)
Keith Chometsky (1994)
Justin Evans (1993)
BJ Valentine (1992)
Sam Howell (1991)
Matthew Reizer (1990)
Richard McCarthy (1989)
Larue Griffin (1988)
Tommy Bergeron (1987)
John McGrath (1986)
Tony Kalyk (1985)
Mike Williams (1984)
Walter Brusi (1983)
Ian Burns (1982)
Steve Stone (1981)
Marc Shriner (1980)
Steve Kennon (1979)
Tony Chung Ling (1978)