Covid-19 Update (14th Feb)

Hello SAFL Players & Parents

We continue to closely monitor and assess the Covid-19 situation.   We had a SAFL council meeting 13th Feb to discuss how best to proceed with our spring 2020 programs.  Many factors are taken into consideration.

  • Uncertainty around the developing situation and recent escalation to DORSCON level orange by the government
  • The close contact nature of American Football and how it could increase the risk of exposure amongst players
  • Field availability to hold sessions based on the governments guidelines towards both to our international and MOE schools
  • Parent feelings and concerns
  • SAFL’s commitment to our civic responsibilities to minimise the risk of further transmission in our community
  • The Singapore rugby community, which we follow closely, has suspended all sessions through the end of February.   

The result of the meetings is as follows:


We have suspended the start of this program through the end of February.   We will make a decision at the end of February how and if we can proceed with the program this spring.   Our plans for the spring Dubai trip are still “on”.   Our invitation for Dubai to visit Singapore is still confirmed at this point in time.  This depends on if we can get enough practice time prior to the trip to allow us to compete safely in only a few weeks of preparation.   We are also looking at alternate options as well to get football in before the end of the school year.  This could come in the form of weekend skills camps for the various position with helmets/pads and contact.   We are exploring all options possible to get football in this spring season.

We know that international competition is a big part of our program both receiving teams as well as going on trips.  We have initiated conversations with our DOD friends in both Japan & Korea to explore a possible October trip to play 2 of the DOD programs.   This would be a backup option if our trip to Dubai this spring does not go forward.  We would look to run a “modified” season in the autumn with the single goal of going up north to compete in two international games.  We would then run a normal program starting in Feb 2021 where we will receive Dubai and UK to Singapore with a possible long weekend trip to Dubai in spring 2021.  All options for future international competition for 2020 & 2021 are being actively discussed with our overseas partner programs.

U12 & 14 Competitive Flag Programs:

The start of the season has been delayed.  We will not be starting on the 22nd Februray.  We will start once the situation in Singapaore improves and we can get back onto ICS campus or at an alternate field location.   I have secured the ICS field through the end of the school year.  Once we can get back at it we will run as many sessions as we can.   I will provide updates in the coming days/weeks as we go forward.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and make adjustments and decisions accordingly.   Our next decision point is 28th February or earlier.  

We thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate this new world we live in here in Singapore.  

We will continue to monitor MOEMOH, and various international school policies, and will update our policy accordingly.

Kind Regards

Jeff Majestic

SAFL Commissioner & Coach